Fun and Fearless Trip to Eastern and Southern Europe | Part 1

2017 was the year of my life. It was the year that I was able to push myself away out of the cozy nook called home. I lived in Glasgow, Scotland. I had the best time studying abroad. It was absolutely amazing! For a year, I worked really hard to get a degree with satisfactory grades. By the time I graduated, I was thinking to … Continue reading Fun and Fearless Trip to Eastern and Southern Europe | Part 1

Ben Vrackie: Walk of the Morning

Walking up to the mountain in Scotland has never been boring. The view along the way is always amazing and mesmerizing. As I got my day off on Friday and the weather is pretty much decent, I decided to climb Ben Vrackie (Ben-y-Vrackie) a 2,757 feet (841 m) Scottish Corbett, one of the most popular scenic background in the Highland Perthshire. A wee information which I found … Continue reading Ben Vrackie: Walk of the Morning

Autumn in Pitlochry

Here goes another HelpX experience I got! I begin the 3-month trip slowly by staying in Pitlochry for two weeks. It’s a tiny town in Perthshire, Scotland, with only 2,776 population. I’m working as a cleaner at Pitlochry Backpackers Hotel in exchange for free accommodation and breakfast. But this time, I will get paid £35 per week for 4-hour working per day. I arrived on … Continue reading Autumn in Pitlochry

Final Project Hysteria

All good things must come to an end. Five days prior to the submission date of my project. Everything goes smoothly, luckily. I do really enjoy working and studying this much! I wish I could do more research and produce a better documentary though. I had a terribly good time working for this practical project. No hassle, no sleepless night, staying in the media lab … Continue reading Final Project Hysteria

The Day I Moved Out from Glasgow

September 7, 2017 Today is the official day that I leave Glasgow. Moving out from the flat was very emotional. Only Aideen and I as Alicia left a day before. We cleaned everything throughout the weekend. It was pretty much heartbreaking when we removed the map in the lounge. So many stories… In the morning when we checked out, Glasgow was in pouring rain. Wet … Continue reading The Day I Moved Out from Glasgow