My Best Friend is Getting Married!







Dear Natasha…

Foto-foto ini diambil jauh sebelum kamu jadi Fashion Stylish di majalah ternama. Foto-foto ini diambil saat kesibukan kita hanya kuliah, mengerjakan tugas, dan jalan-jalan. Those photos above are the legal proof that we’ve been together for so many years. We’ve been through so many dramas since the beginning, and we’ve been shared so many stories along the way for exactly 10 years.

I can still remember the day you said that you were going to be the first person who step up to the aisle among us: Me, Ica, Intan, and Leny. And it’s happening! You are getting married in less than a week! If we were on Sex and the City, then you would be Charlotte York, the one who always dream about perfect boyfriend, perfect wedding, perfect marriage, perfect husband, and amazingly you have it all!

It’s just strange to connect so strong to a major life event that is not my own. I suppose I’ve always felt your feelings to some level and this happy occasion definitely has me reflecting on our funny and happy past and on my own life’s route. Let’s do this. Let’s get our hair and make-up done. Let’s dress up. Let’s get you married! I love you! ***


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