People Make Glasgow

The only thing that always makes me nervous up until now is when I have to talk with locals. By locals I indicate people from Glasgow which then called Glaswegian. I feel that I will be annoying by keep telling them to repeat what they say simply because I don’t get the words and I don’t understand how they are speaking. Their English is just… different.

Having conversation with Glaswegian, I must say, is challenging. It’s been five months, I’m still struggling with it, and secretly obsessed with their accent. Well, It’s not a secret anymore I guess…

Forget about how Emma Watson and Adele sounds like. Don’t compare with English people because Scottish speak differently, with different words, different tones, different phrases, and different pronunciation. They do it on their on way. Scottish – especially Glaswegian because I just love them – have their own groove to say what’s on their mind.

As for many people their accent is difficult to follow, it is even impossible to have voice recognition in gadget or any other electronic devices because they simply don’t do Scottish accent. I died laughing when I watched these videos on BBC Facebook page.

Do listen to how they pronounce some words and what it actually means. It’s exactly sum up everything I have in mind about Scottish accent and brings you bright clear example why they are just so effortful to understand. Watch all these videos and tell me if you get it. Try not to read the subtitle. You’ll learn a lot!






Here’s a picture of pocket Scottish dictionary which I bought when I moved to Glasgow on September last year.



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