Two is Better than One

No, seriously. Semester two is perfectly better than semester one! It has been three weeks and here I share why the second term is more enjoyable than ever. Well, at least for me…

FIRST. I do like all the subjects! This semester I gotta learn three subjects: Researching Audiences and Media where I explore important issues of manipulation on public opinion, analyzing how people are using Twitter and Facebook for public debate, also a controversial topic on gender and violence in media. During the Seminar class last week, we talked about how men and women characterized on Game of Thrones and Fifty Shades of Grey. Jealous? Ok. Next subject is Internet and Civil Society. My favorite! So many interesting discussions about social media, Internet, cyber security, and politics for sure. By February, I’ll have to examine 40 tweets of politicians and figure out the ‘incivility’ which I should find out what incivility is from the reading list. Last, I have Practical Journalism Project. It’s time for me to grab the camera and starts to shoot the video. I definitely will have to make 5 minutes news feature video and working in a group. Haven’t decided the topic yet but we’ve already had bunch list of ideas!

SECOND. I feel more confident. International students would probably agree that studying abroad is tough. The pressure to get high grades, efforts to make friends, craving to travel to so many places, financial issue, and many other nervousnesses. It bugged me a lot for the past three months, but I learned so much! So here I am now. Bold, brave, and more easy on myself. I speak up during class, I do volunteer work, I talk more with people (even with strangers!), I feel more comfortable to sit whole day reading and working in the library (Level 8, new favorite), I print all journals and highlighted the big words, I go to the cinema with friends, I walk to the park, I watch gigs at the bar, I go for a coffee, get rid all negative thoughts, chill, and stay positive. I sometimes go to a party, but also in most of the time, talking nonsense in the kitchen while having a large pan of pizzas with the girls is just a great idea.

Media, Communications and International Journalism Class of 2016/2017
I become one of the ‘intruder’ to Political Communication class and this picture was taken by my teacher :’)
Awardee LPDP PK 72 from across UK and EU

THIRD. Less worry about what the future holds. I could still remember at the beginning of January, I sat in the kitchen with my flatmates Aideen and we seriously talked about what we’re gonna do after we graduate? Working? Traveling? Going back home? What should we do? But then we talked, and talked, and talked until we realized that we both just overthinking. After that kinda heavy chat, we agreed to just enjoy everything that we already have now. She decides to go more often to the gym, doing a part-time job during the weekend, and agree to do as simple as taking more pictures with her fabulous camera. The uneasiness will always be there in our head, eventually. Still, we’re just gonna have fun and be happy as much as possible!

FINALLY. So many things happened and so many things will happen soon. Four essays for this semester are already waiting in line to be done while I haven’t read any of the readings which I must do as early as possible. I just submitted 2-page proposal for my journalism project next summer. I have Kings of Leon and Green Day concert to attend in the coming months. I also have so many plans of road tripping and walking around the city. I could not say that studying here in Glasgow is easy because it is definitely not. But one thing for sure, everything is completely worth the experience.

Having an afternoon cooking and coffee
Mid-week wee lunch at Hillhead Bookclub



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