The One Where Everyone Moves In


Moving in for uni has never been simple. I was super anxious. Where am I gonna stay? Private flat or student accommodation? How am I gonna make friends? Are the people nice? Will they ever like me? Who am I gonna live with? Are they friendly? Are they cool for coffee on the weekend? Where they will be coming from? So many questions in my head even before I arrived in Glasgow.

Then the day finally happened. I moved into student accommodation early in September 2016. I guess I was the first person turned up in the 5-room flat with shared bathroom, toilet, and kitchen. Days after days rolled by and I haven’t seen anyone else but me. Seriously?!?! But soon after a week, I finally (FINALLY!) met two of my flatmates. We had a short conversation and we moved on.

Meet my lovely flatmates, Aideen and Alicia.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Our brief meeting in the kitchen that night turned out to be forever. I wasn’t quite sure how it’s started, but one thing was right that we always have each other since then. We had dinner, go to the park, had an ice cream, going on a random trip, gigs, walk for groceries, we had a party, and talking absurdity in the kitchen over pasta and noodle soup. Sometimes we have Jennifer over, our neighbour who happen to be Aideen’s classmate, for pizza and a glass of wine or two.

For me personally, to be able to be friends with the coolest Irish and Spanish is such a lucky strike. We share so many good stories, laughter, optimism, fear, anger, and even wicked Instagram quotes to silly videos on Facebook. We break each other boundaries very well and at the same time, we respect each other privacy. We have a wonderful time in Glasgow. It’s always nice to share stories about our countries. So many different things, yet we tried to put things up together. And it works really well!

Aideen is my number one guru when I need a clue on how to speak English properly (not to mention the English and Irish slang!). Also, when it comes to an interesting topic on politics, feminism, to ‘single gal rules’, Aideen is my influential whizz. And with Alicia, she’s my sidekick on snacking in the kitchen in the middle of the night. Toast. Crisps. Pear. Kiwi. Pasta. Believe me, she can finish all foods she just bought at Lidl in only two days. Two days, everybody! Two days!

After 8 months we are living together in our extremely beautiful flat, we know that everything must come to an end in September. I told them that I’m no good at saying goodbye. I probably crying on our very last time staying in Glasgow. At some point, I feel that my life is here with them. Imagining myself living in the same bedroom and cooking shitty dinner in the same kitchen for years and years from now. Then I realise the whole things are just temporary except our friendship which hopefully will last longer than master degree academic year.





20170204_114647.jpg 20170118_201559.jpg



4 thoughts on “The One Where Everyone Moves In

  1. Lovely article, I’m moving to Amsterdam in two months and I hope I’ll be as lucky as you with my future flatmates!

    I’ve read that you attended the Media, Communications and International Journalism master in Glasgow, and, since I’d like to to do as well, I’d like to ask you whether you found it worthwhile. Would you do it again or would you choose another university like Caledonian or Strathclyde?

    1. Hey, Iris! Oh that’s wonderful! Amsterdam is lovely… I’m sure you will have an amazing time with amazing flatmates. *fingercross*

      Yes, I do. I currently studying Media, Communication, and International Journalism. To be honest, when I applied to UofGlasgow, I didn’t check the same courses in Caledonian and Strathclyde. So I could not give you any insight of both uni. However, I had a great time studying communication at UofGlasgow as it has a perfect balance between practical and theories, with guest lectures from the BBC News, BBC Radio, ITV, etc.

      Plus, in order to complete the degree, I can choose between writing up dissertation (research) for 15,000 words or producing a 5-mins news video and 800 words article. I chose the second one (video + article) as it is more practical and more fun to be done. So it is worth the experience. XX

      1. Thank you for your answer, Sheisa :)
        I think I’ll apply to several unis in Glasgow, just to be sure that I won’t be left out without an offer. It will be a terribly difficult choice though!

        UoG looks great in terms of reputation and environment, being it such an ancient university. My only concern is that the master started just a few years ago, but I’m reassured by your opinion. Finger crossed for the future (mine and yours) and thank you once again! :)

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