Home Far Far Away


It’s been 8 months since I left home and flew 7,450 miles away. It’s been 8 months since the last time I saw my family and friends back home while at the same time, I have new family and friends in Glasgow. It’s only 8 months but so many things happened and so many things have changed.

Once I decided to be so far away from home, I realise that I also committed not to be able to catch my best friends’ wedding, funerals of family members, engagement party, lunch and dinner with the girls (and two kids!), snacking with my mum, celebrating new baby-born, and nonsense conversation over coffee with barudak.

I have missed at least five or six weddings so far. And I guess it will be more in the next 7 months.

My closest friends got engaged and we live it up over a video call.

My cousin passed away couple months ago.

Two of my dearest friends gave birth to a baby boy and both of them are the cutest!

The girls had a pint, lunch, and dinner several times and they sent me photos.

My mum had a surgery and asked me to pray for her best.

A friend broke up with his girlfriend and we tried to analyse what happened over Skype.

All of these happened in only 8 months. Surprise, surprise, how life has turned into a completely different shape in a short period of time. Some are getting better, some are stuck in second gear, some are getting worst, getting older, and getting bigger. I have nothing to complain as many other people live abroad way longer than mine.

It’s simply because I have never thought about these consequences after I came through it.

And after all, life has to keep moving forward.










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