Éire, the Best from the North Atlantic Island

Cliffs of Moher

Didn’t I tell you that I went to Ireland, did I?

Yeah, I guess I told you. It was by the end of March. I flew to Dublin and stayed there for a week. It was fantastic! Especially because I went there with my mate, Aideen. She hosted me in her lovely house with her parents. The best thing on a trip is to explore a country with local. And she is bloody Irish gal!


We arrived in Dublin Airport around 4 in the afternoon. The flight wasn’t so good because the landing was terrible. First time flew with Ryan Air. They usually fine but not on that day. We then heading to Sword, a town half an hour away from the airport and an hour away from Dublin city center. I had the warm feeling when I first met Aideen’s parents. They are so welcomed, they live in such a beautiful house with big windows and gardens. My main highlight was meeting Ned as he jumped over and walking in circle around me. He likes me! I spent the rest of the night in town and catching the sunset at Tower Beach Portrane, Dublin.

2017-04-26 01.12.58
Ned, Ned!
Thin sunset at Tower Bay, Portrane.
Sneaking behind massive rocks.


I have never thought that I will make myself to Dublin. For so long, it was just only in my head, knowing that so many great musicians coming from Ireland without dreaming that I would be able to visit the country. You name it! The Cranberries, U2, The Script, The Corrs, even Westlife, gosh I was fangirling them since I was little! And here I am now wandering the city and visiting so many beautiful places around.

It was almost Bank Holiday weekend when I visited Dublin which makes the city pretty much busy. Tourists lining up to the museums, lads had a great time in a local pub, and kids running around in the park. Even though I haven’t got so much sun, but the weather was decent. The people are nice and the food is ace. We went to the city center and visited almost all iconic and historic places in Dublin.

Taken from Dublin City Hall
Inside Dublin City Hall. Magnificent!
The Spire of Dublin (Irish: An Túr Solais) rising 120 meters to the sky in the busy O’Connor Street
Dublin Trinity College where Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde once studied here
From the back of Dublin Castle
Aideen and I awkward pose
Dublin’s the Temple Bar


As the weather was getting prettier on the next day, Mrs. Conway, the most warmhearted, kind, humble, and funny woman I have ever met, took us for a walk to Glendalough. Lauren was also coming along with us. She is Aideen’s best mate whom I met last year just about two weeks after Aideen moved to Glasgow. And it was nice to finally see her again!

It took us around 2 hours driving from Swords to Wicklow National Park. We also drove past a small village called Hollywood which they literally have that HOLLYWOOD sign on top of the hill, except this one, is so tiny.

We walked for about an hour to reach Glendalough Upper Lake. The view was stunning, the water is clear, and the lake is surrounded by the trees. Before heading back home, we took the Miners Road and stopped by the ancient cemetery with a ruined Cathedral.

Glendalough Upper Lake
Aideen, Lauren, and I having an adventurous day in
Glendalough Cemetery
The ruin Cathedral
Scenic view


Another thing that I always remember about Ireland is they have the most beautiful cliffs in the world. One of them I saw in a movie Leap Year (2010) where Amy Adams walking on a rocky hill at the edge of the sea. I was always wondered, would I be able to visit that place? And now I did! We booked one-day tour to Cliffs of Moher in the County Clare, Ireland. It took us 4 hours on the bus from Dublin city center. As we drove the Wild Atlantic Way, the view along the road is exceptional!

Cliffs of Moher is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Ireland. They rise to 120 meters above the Atlantic Ocean. It makes me so nervous to walk along the cliffs while I saw so many people took a selfie at the very edge!

The weather was surprisingly sunny and warm. It was unbelievable! I could see clearly to the most distance sea line. The sky was blue and the sun was so friendly, though it was a little bit windy, but who cares… We had a great time! On the last minutes before we went back to the pub, we had lunch at Gus O’Connor’s Pub, a touristic and historic traditional Irish pub in Doolin.

At the tip of the world
Wee Coo
Massive Cliffs of Moher
Aideen, Jennifer and I
The Atlantic Ocean on its finest
Walking track along the cliffs
Who can beat this view?
Traditional Irish pub in Doolin
A pint
Outdoor seating area looks nice


Despite the terrible scene where I almost got robbed in a busy O’Connell Bridge, I had an incredible time while in Dublin. I have visited so many fascinating places and meeting so many wonderful people. Before I went back to Glasgow, I had lunch with Aideen’s aunt and uncle. They live in a countryside, in a big and lovely house. I could stay forever there! It was so peaceful!

The hardest part of the trip, as always, when I had to say goodbye to The Conways (especially Ned!). Seriously, I have problem on saying bye. I just can’t. After spending 5 days in Dublin, it’s time for me to go back home.

The Irish Government
The Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin


It was just a day before I went back home, I went on a bus straight to Belfast. Too bad I didn’t have that much time so I only visited places which so close to the central station: Ulster Museum, Queen’s University Belfast, and Belfast Botanic Garden.

I’ll come back.

Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom
Ulster Museum
Summer in Belfast