The Story of Wrapping Up Journalism Project

Canon HF G10

The perks of doing what you love are you will push yourself to the very best you can and work at the most excellent way as possible. At the end of the day, you get the very best result that you could have ever imagined.

As for me, putting myself in doing Master degree, abroad, after more than 5 years graduated from undergrad, is definitely tough. I have no idea how to settle myself in the library all day reading such a plain research papers. I don’t know how to write an academic essay because all I know is sitting in a coffee shop writing up my blog with a bunch of silly traveling journal.

When I checked that I had one practical project to wrap up in semester two, between January to April 2017, I got totally fire up. I was so excited to pick the camera up and started doing research with my classmates. It was Practical Journalism Group Project which we had to produce a 5-minutes news video in feature-style reporting. The general topic of the project was “Changing Live in Scotland” and it was a pretty much broad topic to carry out.

After several meetings and straightforward discussion with group mates, we managed to focus on the issues of discrimination, isolation, and language barrier that challenged by women from ethnic minority background living in Glasgow, Scotland. We wanted to capture how these women’s life has changed from time to time since the beginning of their experience in the city of Glasgow.

Practicing the camera at Kelvin Way
Rhiannon was interviewing Angela Ireland (MILK Cafe)

I have taken double roles for this project: Director and Researcher. As a Director, I was in charge to maintain the general storyline and responsible for the overall artistic elements on the video. Meanwhile, as a Researcher, I had to collect relevant data based on the topic we have agreed, as well as carried out initial contact with potential sources.

The video is worth 50 percent of the grades, while the remaining 50 percent graded by an individual reflective report of a 2,000-word essay.

I was enjoying every process I did in the making of this video. We faced problems, no words for that. Some of us have never been used a professional camera before and some other have never been used video editing software. But teamwork is everything. I was satisfied that this project was appreciated well by the teacher and other peers. We worked with full responsibility and excitement as we were able to complete the job just before the deadline. For me especially, this project has become our biggest achievement to be able to showcase what we have learned during the course.

I am absolutely aware that this video is a long way to achieving the high journalism standard. Though we worked hard and we are happy with the result. This assignment has helped me to master the process that I should follow for the Individual Journalism Project as a replacement for Dissertation during summer time.

Final Grade: A5 equal to Excellent.



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