Things I Wish I Knew before I Moved to Glasgow



I expected so much snow in winter which then I got dragged to the ground as I only had rain, rain, and much more rain. The coldest temperature was minus 6 Degree and it was only for one time throughout winter season. The first snowy night was on early November 2016 which it wasn’t winter yet. So confusing! If it’s not rainy, it must be windy with occasional stormy day. My outfit consist of layers of sweat shirt, long sleeve, coat, waterproof boots, scarf, and more scarf. Even in summer and autumn, it’s all the same really. Regular Glasgow weather: Gloomy and sad. But overtime, as I get use to it, I now feel totally fine with denim jacket, shirt, and jeans. So casual like local lads. HINT: Just deal with it really. Buy waterproof and windproof jacket. Trespass is good. Buy umbrella which sometimes it just doesn’t work as it suppose to be but you make effort anyway.

Kelvingrove Park in the frostiest


I have never thought that Glasgow music scene is best to the freakin’ mostest. No doubt, it’s UNESCO City of Music definitely. Since I got here last year, I have watched RHCP, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Kings of Leon, Radiohead, Blink 182, Passenger, not to mention so many other casual gigs at Òran Mór, Barrowlands, King Tuts (even Oasis discovered here!), and Saint Luke’s. The top concert venue SSE Hydro is close to Finnieston which named as the most hipster area to live. With so many great bands comes from this city, Belle & Sebastian, Mogwai, Franz Ferdinand, CHVRCHES, Travis, Camera Obscura, Glasgow got also the best and the loudest crowds. Even Korn and Mark Hoppus approved! HINT: Save extra £££ for gigs. I am serious about it. You won’t regret every single penny. Always keep an eye for summer festival, small concerts, tour dates, and weekly gigs schedule.

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Sunset over the SSE Hydro I saw after watching Blink 182


I have traveled to the coastline of Wales and mountain in England, but the Scottish Highland is way more extraordinary. The view is surreal. It’s not fair to compare I know, but really. Give it a go and see it for yourself. Drive along or take the bus up north. If you are lucky, you might see Aurora Borealis in the Isle of Skye during winter. I am no joking. The landscapes, the hospitality, the castles, the lochs, the hills, the mountains, all in one pack of natural beauty you don’t wanna miss. It doesn’t matter if you plan the trip during winter, spring, summer, autumn, its amazing view won’t fade. HINT: Don’t bury yourself in the library too long. I know good grades are above everything but seriously, go out, take the bus and just head out. Explore this one of the most wonderful place on earth. Scottish Highland never failed you.

Banavie, Fort William
Isle of Skye


I remembered the first few days in Glasgow, I struggled to speak with local people as I didn’t really understand the Glaswegian accent. It’s so glorious I couldn’t even understand a single word they say. They have different words, different phrases, even some of them are not even English! Somehow I like it and it sounds exceptional. As I now improve my English speaking skills I guess, when I traveled to Wales one time, a guy noticed that I’m from Glasgow even before I told him that I’m from Glasgow. Well, I wasn’t trying to copy the accent, though. It’s just natural. HAHA! HINT: Speak with locals as many and frequent as possible. Blend with local communities. Find Scottish friends. Read local newspaper, The Scotsman, Daily Records, The Scottish Sun, anything Scottish will help.


When most people admire the hustle bustle London, the gracious Manchester, the warm Edinburgh, but for me, I have nothing to complain about Glasgow. It’s roughly beautiful. Living in Glasgow is easy. To love the city takes time, but you’ll fall eventually. It’s a matter of perspective. HINT: Take a walk as far as you can. Take different route. Take pictures as many as possible. Travel with public transport. Make time to go out often. Don’t be grumpy about the weather. Immerse yourself with anything locals. Go to the pub. Make friends. Always say hello because Glaswegian are damn the friendliest!

Sunset in Finnieston
Glasgow’s Pacific Quay
The Duke of Wellington
Sunset above Kelvingrove Museum
Glasgow City Center



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