The Postcard that Never Arrived


Of all the postcards that I have sent home from different cities in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, there is one postcard that has never arrived (and it’s pretty sad).

When a friend and I hiked Mount Snowdon over two months ago, I bought a postcard and sent it from the summit. I put it onto the red postbox and got so excited as that would be the only postcard I have sent from Wales.

Sadly, it has never arrived.

The lost postcard

When I told my friend about it, he said that probably the postbox is only a show. He might be right! So I decided to email Snowdon Summit Visitor Center and hoping that somebody will catch my curiosity: Is the postbox only a display?

Two days later, the Summit Manager reached out to me.

Hi, Sheisa.

Thank you for your email.

I am sorry to hear that your postcard did not arrive. We do empty the postbox daily so I can only assume it has got lost in the post.

Send us your address and we’ll try to send you gift today.


Jonathan Tyler

From the summit

Today, when I got back from Amsterdam, I received a small gift from Snowdon Summit.

A postcard.

The one that I posted may be ended up somewhere else, but the story will always ring the bells.



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