The Day I Moved Out from Glasgow

Glasgow flowers on its prettiest

September 7, 2017

Today is the official day that I leave Glasgow. Moving out from the flat was very emotional. Only Aideen and I as Alicia left a day before. We cleaned everything throughout the weekend. It was pretty much heartbreaking when we removed the map in the lounge. So many stories…

In the morning when we checked out, Glasgow was in pouring rain. Wet and cold. As I walked to the train station, my mind was wandering to the first day I arrived in this roughly-beautiful city. I have never thought that it would be this hard to leave. I got so attached to everything in the city. My old poor heart is still somewhere in Glasgow. I left it there and I don’t know if I want it back. Maybe someday…

Cleaning the kitchen flat
So many pieces of stuff within only a year!
Aideen was removing the wall decoration
We tried to remember which pin is what country and whom was one from

Farewell Dinner

Over the weekend before we were all leaving, we had dinner in a city center Vietnammesse restaurant which was very nice. We were trying to reminisce good old memories we had in the last 12 months. We realised that we had so many wonderful stories to remember.

The very first trip to Edinburgh, the day when the fire alarm went on very early in the morning, the night when we had Christmas dinner, the walked we had to the university on a rainy and windy day, and many other funny and witty things we had.

Alicia said goodbye to Aideen on Sunday night. As they hugged each other in the hallway, I cried like a baby on the ground. I could not help myself to not cry. It was very sad really. They found it funny and telling me to grow up. I’m the oldest but I was very sentimental for the goodbye.

Farewell pint in Argyle Street
Weird photo but why not
Glasgow gals at SWG3

So What’s Next?

My life in the next three months will, hopefully, more surprising. I will jump from one place to another, having such an adventurous journey before coming back to Glasgow for the graduation at the University, and make the final trip home in December or January at the latest.

I started the trip by visiting Pitlochry, a tiny town in Perthshire in the middle of Scotland. After couple weeks, the trip will continue to Europe and be coming back to the United Kingdom for another few months.

I have my life in two backpacks. I stuffed everything, which is only a few shirts, trousers, jacket, shoes, laptop, and camera into a 70L carrier and a small rucksack.

And I’m so looking forward to many more adventurous experiences ahead!

Packing for a 3-month trip

I’ll see you soon, Glasgow…



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