Autumn in Pitlochry

Welcome to Pitlochry

Here goes another HelpX experience I got!

I begin the 3-month trip slowly by staying in Pitlochry for two weeks. It’s a tiny town in Perthshire, Scotland, with only 2,776 population. I’m working as a cleaner at Pitlochry Backpackers Hotel in exchange for free accommodation and breakfast. But this time, I will get paid £35 per week for 4-hour working per day.

I arrived on Thursday (7/9) afternoon and welcomed by cloudy weather which was not a surprise. In the hostel, I shared a room with 5 other volunteers from France, Spain, and Germany. The hostel is nice with so many people checking in. During dinner time, the lounge was crowded and the kitchen was such a mess but very nice as people are cooking and eating together.

The first day of working was not so bad. I made the bed, cleaning the bathroom, and hoovering the floor which I use to do those stuff so not a problem at all. After finished with the work, I took a walk a little bit in the town and have a wee latte in a local coffee shop.

The town itself is pretty much busy this weekend as there will be Pitlochry Highland Games and the Pipe Band Parade will walk pass by in the front of the hostel on Saturday morning. I look forward to watching the games in the afternoon though….

Fine latte in the coffee shop
The main road in Pitlochry
Busy evening

On the evening, I relaxed in the lounge and hang out with other people and the guests. Lucas, one of the volunteers from Germany, is going to leave on Saturday morning. So he cooked us dinner, a very nice and delicious risotto with cheese. I had a lovely time. We played guitar and sang a song together.

I stay in a very nice hostel with more than 20 rooms and more than 40 beds. It’s massive for a backpacker hostel. The kitchen is well equipped so I can cook my own foods. Free tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and milk for everyone. Delicious breakfast served every morning. And TV lounge is always ready to use anytime. I enjoy being in the hostel, sitting on the sofa reading a book, doing stuff on my laptop, or just resting in the room.

Besides cleaning the rooms and bathrooms, the job mainly is about hospitality. Make sure that all guests happy with the facilities that we have and they are well informed on how to get around the town.

Farewell dinner with Lucas
Karaoke all night
Favorite spot in the hostel
TV lounge
Stairs to the entrance

I always enjoy hostel life. It’s very vibrant and I get a chance to meet different people every day. Some of them are nice, some of them are mysterious, some of them are cool, some of them are unique, and some of them are full of surprise.

During lunch today, I spoke to an Australian old man who also stays in the hostel. He asked where about in Indonesia I came from. When I told him I’m from Bandung, he became so excited as his brother’s wife is from Bandung as well! Such a rare experience…

I cannot wait to have my day off next week because I’m planning to summit Ben Vrackie (841m). Besides that, I also am going to visit Perth and walking to the foresty trail Queen’s View. So many things to do in 2 weeks time… Embrace!


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