Pitlochry’s Day Out

The Scotsmen

Pitlochry Highlands Games

I have never been to any Highlands games before, so when I found out that one will be held in Pitlochry, I got so excited and ready to figure out how it would be. It was Saturday (9/11) morning when the Pipe Band Parade started to march along down the Atholl Road just right in front of the hostel.

I was at work cleaning the bathroom with Zoe and when we heard the bagpiper started to play, we ran along the corridor and went straight to one dorm which has the best view of the road from the second floor.

We could see people were standing by the side of the road, welcoming each and every pipe bands walked along to the Recreation Ground where the Pitlochry Highland Games was held. The pipe bands were coming from across Scotland: Isle of Skye, Burntisland and District, Lanark and District, Vale of Atholl, and many other.

It was such an interesting feeling I got. The competitions are unique. They have the Tug O’War where two teams brought the rope against of each other to test their strength. Apparently, it is a serious game in Scotland! They also have Caber Toss, a very traditional Scottish athletic games which the athlete has to toss a large tapered pole (caber) made from a tree with 5.94 meters tall and weight 79 kilograms.

The competition settled in the afternoon with the mass parade of the pipe bands performing the patriotic song Scotland the Brave.

The pipe band parade along the Atholl Road
Tug O’War
Caber Toss
Two Scotsmen walked in the festival area
Pipe Bands parade

Out and About in Pitlochry

It was one fine afternoon after I finished working I decided to walk around the town. My roommate Zoe joined the walk bringing along her camera. We took a different route and found nice things along the stroll. Houses are pretty. Weather is decent. People are friendly.

It was a very well-spent two hours of wandering the town.

Church of Scotland
Pretty small street
Sneaking into private garden
Pitlochry in Bloom
Meet my roommate Zoe



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