Ben Vrackie: Walk of the Morning

Piled of Scottish mountains

Walking up to the mountain in Scotland has never been boring. The view along the way is always amazing and mesmerizing.

As I got my day off on Friday and the weather is pretty much decent, I decided to climb Ben Vrackie (Ben-y-Vrackie) a 2,757 feet (841 m) Scottish Corbett, one of the most popular scenic background in the Highland Perthshire.

A wee information which I found interesting is that of all the thousands of mountains and hills in Scotland, it is divided into four types:

MUNROS. Scottish mountains over 3,000 feet (914 meters) in height are called the Munros. Ben Nevis (1,344 meters) goes here.

CORBETTS. Scottish hills that are between 2,500 feet to 3,000 feet in height and with a drop of 500 feet on all sides. There are 221 Corbetts. Ben Vrackie is here!

GRAHAMS. Scottish hills between 2,000 feet to 2,500 feet in height and with a drop of 150 meters on all sides. There are 224 Grahams.

DONALDS. Hills in the Scottish Lowlands with a height of 2,000 feet and over. There are 89 Donalds.

MARYLINS. Any hill in the UK and Ireland with a drop of 150 meters on all sides. There are 1,218 Marilyns in Scotland.

Ben Vrackie is seen from the entrance to Pitlochry Dam Scottish Hydro

I started the walk pretty early in the morning. I left the hostel at 7 am and I walked from Pitlochry to the nearest village of Moulin where I began the easy walk at 8 am from the car park where people usually leave their car for the hike. The weather that time was not really pleasant. It was cloudy and the sun has not properly raised. The mist grabbed at the top of the mountain.

The path to the summit is well-structured and excellent so it is very easy to follow the signpost. I walked for another two and half hour through the hills and fields, waiting for the sun to rise. I stopped for a few times for water and sat on the bench.

I could say that the track of Ben Vrackie is fairly easy, however, when I reach the midpoint which is remarked by a magnificent view of Loch a’ Choire, the walkway is getting steeper and steeper. It took me awhile to keep going, plus the weather was very windy!

The view to the field
Blue skies hiding behind the clouds
Loch a’ Choire
The path up to the summit

As I walked past the loch, the cloud and the fog were almost gone and I could see the sun was shining. Even though it was pretty much an easy hike, but it was so tiring really. Not to mention the cold wind because there was a moment where I could only get upright and was thinking to go back because I just couldn’t stand it. It’s been a while since the last time I went up to the mountain, though… Then I pushed myself and kept going to take each of every step to the top.

It was 10.20 am when I FINALLY managed to reach the summit of Ben Vrackie. The weather was very nice with blue sky and the cloud was gone entirely. However, the wind was crazy! I couldn’t even hold my phone to take a wee picture! I stayed for only 10 minutes and walked back down to the very start.

The view from the top of Ben Vrackie was amazing I must say. I gazed to the furthest and all I can see was serrated mountains piled in distance. Loch a’ Choired looks peaceful from above. It’s very scenic!

I was glad that I started the hike very early in the morning. I arrived back in Pitlochry at 12 in the afternoon and had a nice latte in the small coffee shop around the neighborhood. One morning well-spent in Pitlochry…

Path to the summit
One more turn to the top
Hello from the peak of Ben Vrackie
Overlooking the mountains
Glamorous Loch a’ Choire
Tiny town is seen from distance

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