Europe Safari: Destination Unknown

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The mysterious holiday is about to begin!

Traveling around Europe has always been in my plan. But the only thing that bugged me is where do I start? So many beautiful places I would like to visit until one day, I found a travel agent website that can help me to pick a destination for a Euro trip. So I booked a one-way flight ticket on the 27th of September from Edinburgh airport.

Except, I don’t know where I’m going until 2 hours before the flight. image 1
Picture was taken from April in Amsterdam

This is the timeline for my SRPRS.ME trip:

11 September 2017 – I scheduled backpacking trip with a one-way flight ticket for one person on the 27th of September from Edinburgh airport. It costs me £130 including 20kg check-in baggage and 12kg cabin baggage, as well as one-night hostel voucher.

13 September 2017 – The destination has been decided but I have no idea where to.

18 September 2017 – Wendy, my personal travel consultant emailed me the important information about my trip. She wrote that I have to be at the airport by 12.30 pm so I have approximately 2 hours before the flight to find out where I am going.

20 September 2017 – I will receive the weather forecast for the city that I am heading to so then I know what to pack in my backpack. The forecast is updated daily for accuracy.

21 September 2017 – The SRPRS.ME card will hopefully arrive at where I am now. It will be in a black envelope and I have to open this envelope at the airport as it contains my boarding pass and hostel voucher.

27 September 2017 – I’m going to the unknown.

I clearly have no freaking idea where am I going to go. It could be Spain. It could be Switzerland. It could be Germany. It could be to any city in any country! I love the excitement and I am pretty much nervous about it!

I can only make a proper plan after I figure out the destination. So then I can decide whether I will stay another day or just jumping to another place the next day. I surely will keep this post updated with the latest clue and following stories about my Euro trip.

Embrace the unknown!


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