The Postcard that Never Arrived

Of all the postcards that I have sent home from different cities in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, there is one postcard that has never arrived (and it’s pretty sad). When a friend and I hiked Mount Snowdon over two months ago, I bought a postcard and sent it from the summit. I put it onto the red postbox and got so excited … Continue reading The Postcard that Never Arrived

Things I Wish I Knew before I Moved to Glasgow

THE WEATHER I expected so much snow in winter which then I got dragged to the ground as I only had rain, rain, and much more rain. The coldest temperature was minus 6 Degree and it was only for one time throughout winter season. The first snowy night was on early November 2016 which it wasn’t winter yet. So confusing! If it’s not rainy, it … Continue reading Things I Wish I Knew before I Moved to Glasgow

Toss the Beer in the Hill

It’s been ages since I arrived and started volunteering in Banavie. I had a great time and pretty much enjoying all the works. During the first three days, I had not many tasks to do as there were only 3 to 5 people staying at the hostel. Works usually start at 10 a.m. (sometimes an hour early during peak time) until midday. Jo or Daniel will give … Continue reading Toss the Beer in the Hill

The Highlander: Banavie, Banavie

I have never thought that it would be a great idea to be out of town for a while. This is the story: Living in Glasgow, somehow, is tedious. The monotone life from my flat to the library, walking in the same road (it’s just an excuse!), looking at the same view (another excuse!) and having homogenous things every single day has pushed me to do … Continue reading The Highlander: Banavie, Banavie