The Day I Moved Out from Glasgow

September 7, 2017 Today is the official day that I leave Glasgow. Moving out from the flat was very emotional. Only Aideen and I as Alicia left a day before. We cleaned everything throughout the weekend. It was pretty much heartbreaking when we removed the map in the lounge. So many stories… In the morning when we checked out, Glasgow was in pouring rain. Wet … Continue reading The Day I Moved Out from Glasgow

The Story of Wrapping Up Journalism Project

The perks of doing what you love are you will push yourself to the very best you can and work at the most excellent way as possible. At the end of the day, you get the very best result that you could have ever imagined. As for me, putting myself in doing Master degree, abroad, after more than 5 years graduated from undergrad, is definitely tough. … Continue reading The Story of Wrapping Up Journalism Project

Glasgow: The First 24 Hours

In Glasgow, HOW means WHY. Pesawat Emirates dengan nomor penerbangan EK027 mendarat dengan mulus di Glasgow International Airport jam 12 siang waktu setempat. Hari ini tanggal 4 September 2016. Masih ada perasaan ngga percaya kalau akhirnya saya sampai juga disini, di kota kelahiran Belle & Sebastian yang jauhnya 11.784 kilometer dari rumah. Lolos dari petugas imigrasi tanpa pertanyaan yang berarti adalah pencapaian pertama terbesar saya di … Continue reading Glasgow: The First 24 Hours