Final Project Hysteria

All good things must come to an end. Five days prior to the submission date of my project. Everything goes smoothly, luckily. I do really enjoy working and studying this much! I wish I could do more research and produce a better documentary though. I had a terribly good time working for this practical project. No hassle, no sleepless night, staying in the media lab … Continue reading Final Project Hysteria

The Day I Moved Out from Glasgow

September 7, 2017 Today is the official day that I leave Glasgow. Moving out from the flat was very emotional. Only Aideen and I as Alicia left a day before. We cleaned everything throughout the weekend. It was pretty much heartbreaking when we removed the map in the lounge. So many stories… In the morning when we checked out, Glasgow was in pouring rain. Wet … Continue reading The Day I Moved Out from Glasgow

Things I Wish I Knew before I Moved to Glasgow

THE WEATHER I expected so much snow in winter which then I got dragged to the ground as I only had rain, rain, and much more rain. The coldest temperature was minus 6 Degree and it was only for one time throughout winter season. The first snowy night was on early November 2016 which it wasn’t winter yet. So confusing! If it’s not rainy, it … Continue reading Things I Wish I Knew before I Moved to Glasgow

Two is Better than One

No, seriously. Semester two is perfectly better than semester one! It has been three weeks and here I share why the second term is more enjoyable than ever. Well, at least for me… FIRST. I do like all the subjects! This semester I gotta learn three subjects: Researching Audiences and Media where I explore important issues of manipulation on public opinion, analyzing how people are … Continue reading Two is Better than One

Alnwick Castle and the Ghost Story of Bamburgh Castle

Back in Autumn 2016, when the weather in the UK was only crisp air and blue sky, I went to England as my first visit outside Scotland. It was a quite large group tour so I traveled with many other international students from across Glasgow. The main destination was Alnwick Castle (spelled without the sound of ‘W’) in Northumberland, North East England. If you could spot … Continue reading Alnwick Castle and the Ghost Story of Bamburgh Castle

Cerita dari Glasgow: Kalau Shalat dimana?

Baru-baru ini saya ditanya sama teman di Bandung lewat WhatsApp: “Shap, kamu di Glasgow kalau shalat gimana?” Sekilas agak rancu ya pertanyaannya hahaha! Seolah-olah shalat di UK beda dengan di Indonesia, padahal sama-sama aja: Dimulai dengan takbiratul ihram dan diakhiri dengan salam,. yang membuat beda adalah waktu dan suasana-nya. Jarang sekali saya mendengar kumandang adzan, hanya seminggu sekali setiap Jumat karena disini perempuan juga ikut shalat Jumat … Continue reading Cerita dari Glasgow: Kalau Shalat dimana?

Frosty Frosty Glasgow

11 Desember 2016 Meskipun udah masuk musim dingin, tapi sampai hari ini Glasgow belum menunjukkan tanda-tanda akan turun salju. Bahkan beberapa hari terakhir udaranya hangat, suhunya 12 derajat Celcius layaknya summer, dengan angin yang lumayan kencang, dan terkadang turun hujan. Mohon dimaklumi cuasa labil dan gloomy di Glasgow. Memang begitulah adanya, sinar matahari jarang sekali mampir di kota ini. Seharian mendung, kalau ngga ingat dengan tugas-tugas kuliah … Continue reading Frosty Frosty Glasgow