Ben Vrackie: Walk of the Morning

Walking up to the mountain in Scotland has never been boring. The view along the way is always amazing and mesmerizing. As I got my day off on Friday and the weather is pretty much decent, I decided to climb Ben Vrackie (Ben-y-Vrackie) a 2,757 feet (841 m) Scottish Corbett, one of the most popular scenic background in the Highland Perthshire. A wee information which I found … Continue reading Ben Vrackie: Walk of the Morning

The Highlander: Banavie, Banavie

I have never thought that it would be a great idea to be out of town for a while. This is the story: Living in Glasgow, somehow, is tedious. The monotone life from my flat to the library, walking in the same road (it’s just an excuse!), looking at the same view (another excuse!) and having homogenous things every single day has pushed me to do … Continue reading The Highlander: Banavie, Banavie